Phone System Problems

We are transitioning to a new phone system and have been  experiencing some issues with people getting a "Number Out Of Service" message when calling. We apologize for the challenges. If you should get this message 
Please try this Number 231-220-0101. The phone company gave us this number temporarily, while they are working on the issue. You may also try dialing one of our other branches and the call will be routed to the main branch.

Welcome to Clock Funeral Home

The true value of a funeral is the Gathering Together of People and the Sharing of Stories.

Stories of love, memories, respect, and honor. 

We gather together because we, as human beings, need that contact and the emotional connection we get from being with one another. 

We gather together at happy times and sad times. We gather at births, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, retirements and deaths. 

We gather to worship, to praise, to celebrate and to mourn. 

And at every one of those gatherings…. we share stories. 

It is through those stories that we heal and grow and love.

It’s our job at Clock Funeral Home to make that Gathering easy, comfortable, meaningful and memorable for all who attend. It’s our job to help people share their stories and help people hear the stories from friends and relatives.

Gather Together…..Share the Stories

Celebrate a Life…..Heal the Heart.